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Large Drying Capacity Food Fruit Dehydrator with 5pcs Movable Trays

Large Drying Capacity Food Fruit Dehydrator with 5pcs Movable Trays

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Use it to dry fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, nuts, and crackers and Create perfectly dried foods in your own home kitchen. Are you tired of throwing out produce that's already gone bad?  This air dehydrator is a sustainable solution. Invest in your health! Dehydrated foods last longer and don't need to be refrigerator. Dried fruits and vegetables retain almost all their nutritional value when they're dehydrated. Now you can easily make nutrient-rich snacks with this countertop dehydrator. What are you waiting for?

1. Large Drying Capacity with 5pcs Movable Trays
2. Thermostat Range for a Variety of Food
3. Digital control panel
4. Easy to Operate and Easy to Cleaning
5. DIY Healthy & Delicious Snacks Easy and Fun at home
6.360° air flow with adjustable time and temperature
7. ETL approved
8. Transparent door for easy monitoring

1. Voltage (V): 120V
2. Rated power (W): 800W
3. Adjust the temperature (℃): 29-70°
4. Number of compartments/piece: 5-tray
5.Material:Plastic body with Stainless Steel tubes
7. Gross weight: 4.5KG
8. Color: Transparent

Package Includes:
1* Food Dehydrator with 5pcs Movable Trays

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